Republic Services is the The City of Villa Park's trash and recycling hauler. Republic Services designed the Recycle Villa Park program with you in mind, and requires very little extra effort from residents. Each single-family residence receives three 96-gallon containers: a tan container for trash, a green container for recyclable items and a brown container for yard waste.

These specially designed containers are lightweight with built-in wheels for easy movement. The automated refuse system uses modern, robotic trucks to empty containers. For your convenience, all containers are collected the same day each week.

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New Commercial Organics Legislation

The AB 1826 Chesbro, signed by Governor Jerry Brown in October of 2014, requires businesses to recycle their organic waste depending on the amount of waste they generate per week. Organic waste includes food waste, green waste, and food-soiled paper waste mixed in with food waste. California deposits approximately thirty million tons of waste. This law is meant to utilize the thirty percent of the waste that can be used for compost or mulch, both being possible sources of renewable energy and fuel.

The mandatory commercial organics recycling has been in the process of being phased in statewide. The phase progression are as follows:

·         January 1, 2017: Businesses that generate 4 cubic yards of organic waste per week shall arrange for organic waste recycling services.

·         August 1, 2017 and Ongoing: Jurisdictions shall provide information about their organic waste recycling program implementation in the annual report submitted to CalRecycle. (See above for description of information to be provided.)

·         Fall 2018: After receipt of the 2017 annual reports submitted on August 1, 2018, CalRecycle shall conduct its formal review of those jurisdictions that are on a two-year review cycle.

·         January 1, 2019: Businesses that generate 4 cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste per week shall arrange for organic waste recycling services.

·         Fall 2020: After receipt of the 2019 annual reports submitted on August 1, 2020, CalRecycle shall conduct its formal review of all jurisdictions.

·         Summer/Fall 2021: If CalRecycle determines that the statewide disposal of organic waste in 2020 has not been reduced by 50 percent of the level of disposal during 2014, the organic recycling requirements on businesses will expand to cover businesses that generate 2 cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste per week. Additionally, certain exemptions may no longer be available if this target is not met.

Note: Multifamily dwelling are not required to have a food waste diversion program.

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Construction and Demolition


What are Construction & Demolition Materials?

• Brick • Drywall • Other Masonry • Cardboard • Green Waste

• Paper • Carpet • Lumber • Plastic • Concrete • Metals

All contractors or owner-builders applying for a permit are required to complete a project form and attest that only an authorized City agent will be used to haul debris and other solid waste generated by that project. A prompt, safe waste collection and disposal will keep your job sites running smoothly. Republic Services offers waste audits, cost analysis, program design, recycling and equipment specifications for projects of all sizes.

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